Dr. Richard Lamb Associate Professor
Graduate School of Education
University of Buffalo

Dr. Richard Lamb

Richard Lamb joined the Department of Learning and Instruction as an associate professor. He is currently the director of the University at Buffalo Neurocognition Science Laboratory and is the program director for both the science and the public program and the educational technology programs. He earned his Ph.D. from George Mason University, College of Education and Human Development in science education and educational measurement. Lamb previously served as an assistant professor at Washington State University, where he taught in the elementary education program and courses on advanced quantitative methods such as multilevel modeling and structural equation modeling. His research interests focus on the identification and measurement of cognitive processes engaged while using technology in the learning of science and other STEM fields. The tools Lamb uses to complete his research are interdisciplinary and drawn from multiple fields to include neuropsychology, neuroscience, educational measurement, and computer science.


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